Wednesday, April 15, 2009

For my friends in TUSD

I am prone to deep states of worry. I should at least admit that as disclaimer. Something, though, is indeed rotten in the state of Denmark. And by Denmark, I mean Education in Arizona. And I nod to those that rely on higher ed for your welfare, as my family does... But this is for those unsung. Those weary. Those forgotten.

I know I'm not alone in crying foul. Nor do I do so with easy heart. I am a product of this state's educational system, and would challenge anyone to use me an example of the chinks in its armor. In truth, no state is infallible as long as we deny our 10th amendment rights to sovereignty in education. Blah, blah... Insert political discussion here.

I fear that the real culprit is cultural. To be precise, education is misdefined so widely across the spectrum of human culture alike that we have allowed it to be whittled down to dispensible nuggets of mediocrity. Cutting "non-essentials" like arts and humanities to fund the wrong math and stodgy obsolete literacy. There is no heart left. Let us mourn thought.

But I digress. I have railed often on such ills.

As a society, we must question the decision to protect our money before we protect the future of human awareness. When the trappings of civilization are gone, all that will remain is our ability to think, to feel, to devour, to know, to change. Money increases its stain whilecwe surrender our right to enlightenment and become slaves to the magical conception of "what we are supposed to know. "

I got my contract today. I am employed for another year. I am thankful. I feel guilty.